Leader Line


Game Leaders

T-Line Game Leaders are designed for clarity, abrasion resistance and knot strength.

Our leader line is stretched to a point between our Classic and Titanium lines with specific additives to enhance clarity and flexibility. T-Line Game Leaders are available in 100m spools making it convenient to carry to the inconvenient places we go to catch fish.

Colours available: Blue and Clear

High Abrasion Resistance and Flexibility: Suppleness achieved by adding special plastizer to our co-polymer nylon.

Stepped Tapered Leader

Smoother casting, smoother transition – The ultimate rock and surf leader. Our Stepped Tapered Leader is made from the same material and additives as our Game Leader.

The Stepped Tapered Leader consists of the following: 9m of wind-on game leader which tapers from a thin diameter line to a thicker diameter line over the 9m. Our tapered wind on leaders have the advantage of a small knot for joining to your main line and then a smooth transition to your thicker game leader.

Colours available: Clear

High Abrasion Resistance: Small knot with high knot strength